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Welcome to the Mushinzui Dojo members’ area.

Within this private members area, you can access the club syllabus, T-shirt shop, and other information privileged to Mushinzui Dojo members only.

With your account you have a profile, which acts as a central repository for key information, such as your insurance certificate number, your current grade, any future grade you may be working towards, key milestone dates, and more.

Please keep this information up to date as it will be used as a primary reference when needed.

To register for access to this part of the Mushinzui Dojo website, you need the Dojo Passkey. If you don’t already have this, please ask the Dojo Shidoshi for this once you have become a paid member of the Mushinzui Dojo. Once you have registered and set up an account, you no longer need the Dojo Passkey.

Please do not share the Passkey, your account, or details with anyone else.

Things found on this part of our website are for members only. Please do not share this content with people who are not members of the Mushinzui Dojo. Doing so will result in loss of access to the members area.

Bufuikkan !!!




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